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Applications for Diploma in Laboratory Technology (Dip in Lab Tech) 

University of Peradeniya (CDCE)



Applications are open for Diploma in Laboratory Technology (Dip in Lab Tech). Application fee (Rs. 1,000.00) payable to any branch of people’s bank.

People’s bank Account No: 057-1001-41338036



Entry Requirements

The applicant should have at least:

  1. Passed all three subjects in the G.C.E (A/L) examination in Science or Technology stream, or
  2. Completion of NVQF level 4, or
  3. Pass G.C.E. (O/L) and a Certificate in Laboratory Handling offered by CDCE,UOP/any other recognized institute, or
  4. Pass G.C.E. (O/L) and at least four year work experience in managerial level, or
  5. Any other equivalent qualification as approved by the BoS/Science, CDCE.
Semester Course Code


Course Unit Title


No. Credits
DLT1113 Intermediate Level English Course for Laboratory Saff* 3
DLT1122 Laboratory Safety 2
DLT1132 Ethins for Professional Development* 2
DLT1142 Mathematcis and Data Handdling in Laboratory 2
DLT1152 Physics Laboratory Technilogy 2
DLT1162 Chemical Laboratory Management and Maintainance 2
DLT1172 Laboratory Techniques in Botany 2
DLT1182 IT Laboratory I 2
2 DLT1212 Technical Mathematics with Applications 2
DLT1222 Operation Principles of Electrical Devices 2
DLT1232 Chemistry Laboratory Tchniques and Instruments 2
DLT1243 Laboratory Techniques in Zoology 3
DLT1253 Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 3
DLT1262 IT Laboratory II 2
DLT1282 Management for Laboratory Handling 2
DLT1273 Lab Maintenance


One Year
Fee Structure
Course Fee:
Rs. 120,000.00 (three or two installment)
Application Fee:
Rs. 1,000.00