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Short Course for Effective Use of AutoCAD for Engineering Drawings (Online)

AutoCAD is the world’s leading Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Modeling software with over 7 million users worldwide. The course is specifically tailored to fulfil the needs of users in any engineering discipline and is structured to provide comprehensive knowledge from basic 2D drawings to advanced 3D modelling and animation techniques

Programme Content

*  Introduction to Engineering Drawings.
*  Introduction to AutoCAD
*  Auto Cad Workspace
*  Coordinate Systems and Drawing Fundamentals
*  Selection of Units
*  General Cad Tool Layers and Applications
*  Modification Facilities
*  Object Selection Methods and Object Snapping Tools
*  Hatching
*  Dimensions and Annotations
*  Block Operations
*  Organization of AutoCAD Tools for Standard Engineering Drawings
*  Advanced Drafting Tools
*  Plotting
*  Isometric Drawings
*  Introduction to 3D modelling

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  20th June 2023
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  20th July 2023
Programme commencing date :
  08th August 2023 (Tuesday 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm)

25 students per batch (First come-first served basis)

Note: There will be a selection examination for the candidates.
            Coursfeesee should be paid by the selected candidates only.